Business Support

Operational Services and Support

Consulting and implementation

We help clients evaluate, improve, and manage their service and support operations to achieve best in practice metrics while achieving business goals related to cost and profitability.

Service and operational excellence is sustained when value is created for owners, employees, and customers. To accomplish this, Synergy works closely with clients at all levels in an organization to help facilitate establishing a foundation for continuous improvement. We go beyond physical system design to address management infrastructure and intrinsic factors such as employees’ attitudes and behavior, thereby ensuring the client’s ability to lead change independently.

Organizational Training Program Development and Implementation

Curriculum development and training support

Bringing together the proper balance of People/Program/Platform to produce and deliver customized training programs for your business.

Technology has created our attention-intensive society that has resulted in an environment where your employees and customers are constantly bombarded by stimulus. You cannot afford to have training programs or platforms that are out of date resulting in a learning experience that is boring and ineffective.

It’s a proper balance: Too slow and static – Leads to an underwhelmed and disengaged learner.
Too fast and intense – May cause staff to feel overwhelmed and frustrated.

Synergy will work with you to develop and deliver customized learning solutions that integrate your business goals and employee development needs.