Industry Experience

Energy Management

Smart software enables smart energy.


A revolution is taking place in remote devices and mobility. Low cost yet robust technology offers the ability for these devices to gather and aggregate an enormous amount of real-time data. In the realm of energy management, this can be a boon to understanding energy usage in both home and commercial settings based on weather changes, time of day, occupancy, efficiency and reach of the HVAC systems.


The collection of this data can then be structured, aggregated, and analyzed to create a variety of solutions for more effective energy management.


How we can help:


Synergy’s team has extensive experience in developing customized energy management solutions. We have specific experience with interfacing with connected devices and creating intelligent structure for large amounts of real-time data, implementing complex algorithms for visualization and analysis of data, and architecting suites of software that connect building data to consumption data and weather data, providing recommendation that generates significant savings in energy efficiency.

Areas of Emphasis

  • Commercial building energy analysis
  • Custom Energy Plus modeling software
  • Energy management control systems
  • Weather reporting
  • Utility data entry and reporting
  • Commissioning software tools

Media, Gaming, and 3-D Training Simulations

Content may still be king, but software technology plays an ever larger role in creation, management, and delivery of content to audiences. The same technology drivers you hear about often – like mobile devices, cloud services, and new interfaces – are making a huge impact in how media is being consumed, and changing the media business in the process.


Synergy’s expertise with the latest media formats, devices, applications, interfaces, and content management systems can help your company leverage its content to the fullest. Whether its sales training videos for internal use, marketing materials of all formats for your customers, delivering a new streaming video channel to mobile devices, mobile games, or training simulations for your employees, we can architect and build the entire solution.


We provide custom application development services for clients looking to create PC-based interactive simulator and training software, using high-fidelity 3D graphics. We can develop custom training simulators for any industry to help our clients meet their training objectives.

Areas of Expertise

  • Cross-platform mobile games
  • PC game ports
  • DirectX and XNA video games
  • 2D & 3D engines
  • Graphics & image editing tools
  • 3D Printing
  • Audio & video streaming technology
  • Mobile content delivery & sharing apps

Oil and Gas

The Oil and Gas industry has long been an information intensive industry.

Information technology plays a crucial role in mitigating the high risk and cost in exploration and development. In an industry where a downed piece of equipment can cost tens of thousands of dollars a day, or where a leak in a pipeline or well can cost billions in environmental damage and cleanup costs, up-to-date and accurate information is critical to decision making.

How Synergy can help

Our team has extensive experience in the Oil and Gas industry. We have designed systems that include monitoring maintenance schedules for oil well equipment, dashboards for visualizing real-time production data that enables in-field decisions, and touch screen enabled systems for monitoring and controlling a fracture pump.

We specialize in being able to quickly understand and analyze processes and incorporating complex algorithms into easy to use software.

We also excel at the integration of newer software technology such us touch interfaces and cloud connectivity with your proprietary hardware and software.


  • Fracturing pump control systems
  • Geographical and geophysical engineering tools
  • Mechanical Engineering tools for drilling and production
  • Production and Operations software solutions
  • Field Monitoring and Field-to-Office Collaboration
  • Remote Asset Management and Monitoring


Healthcare is a giant industry that is growing ever faster with the aging of our population.   

Synergy’s team members have significant experience in providing solutions to address the challenging  realities of healthcare delivery. From systems that help manage drug clinical trials to putting personal medical records securely on smartcards and the web, we understand complexities of applications for the healthcare industry.


For Providers

  • Electronic Health Records (HER)
  • Practice management
  • Medical reporting systems



  • Registration, admission, discharge & transfer
  • Securing patient records
  • Medical coding, billing and billing processes
  • Medical hardware integration


Consumer-focused applications

  • Patient portals
  • Software for tablets and kiosks
  • Social networking & patient engagement
  • Educational & reference mobile apps


Our future depends on helping the next generation learn as well as support the continuing education of adults at all levels. We believe that all students both young and old can exceed their own expectations when given the right learning platform.


Synergy’s team has extensive knowledge in the development of E-Learning platforms and student management systems.


Our e-learning and education solutions are not limited to virtual classes, interactive learning environments and online courses supporting massive multi-user video chats. The expertise we have in the field can be easily applied for developing enterprise-level document repositories with rich collaboration and reporting functionality, corporate training programs and other solutions to help your school or organization meet its objectives.

Retail & POS Solutions

Mobile devices, cloud services, and big data are revolutionizing the retail experience.


The always-connected consumer provides your business with enormous opportunities for connecting both customers and potential customers to your products and services.


How we can help


Our expertise with mobile, cloud, analytics, and integration with legacy platforms can help you leverage these new software and communications technologies to enable new services in retail and commerce.

Areas of Expertise

  • Retail mobile commerce apps
  • POS integration and business intelligence (BI)
  • Digital signage software
  • Provisioning software for digital signage and menu boards
  • Order confirmation software
  • Business intelligence and mobile reporting for store managers, franchisees and corporate.