Modernize and Support

Software Maintenance & Support Services

Uninterrupted care and support – Today’s technology requires it and your customers expect it.


When our team has integrated support systems into production environments, we oversee security monitoring and updates, system performance monitoring, software update deployment, database maintenance, and backups.
Synergy’s team focuses on the proactive and preventive maintenance of live systems and products, ensuring their uninterrupted and effective operation, superior end-user satisfaction, and business value.

The benefits of managed maintenance and product support services can help you:

  • Regain control over your products.
  • Improve performance and stability.
  • Add value to your users through ongoing enhancements or new features.
  • Lower maintenance costs and overall total cost of ownership (TCO).
  • Increase user satisfaction.
  • Create product support documentation like user manuals or video tutorials.

Software Modernization and Application Migration

Technology is constantly changing…

Embrace it and turn it into your competitive edge.


In today’s competitive business environment, every company needs software products that are adaptable and scalable to changing needs.


Making the decision to modernize means you can:


  • Leverage emerging technologies that didn’t exist before.
  • Improve performance and stability.
  • Extend the life and ROI of your products.
  • Lower operating and support costs.
  • Optimize your customer’s experience.
  • Extend to users in other markets through Internationalization/Localization.


Interface Modernization


Visual appeal creates the first impression for all users and software buyers. We essentially re-skin your application to create a more modern and intuitive interface and a great user experience that will keep your users satisfied. This may include: web enablement, enabling the application on newer hardware and software platforms (e.g. mobile), or a complete UI overhaul.


Platform & Architecture Modernization


This approach involves language, framework, or database modernization while restructuring the application layers to enhance the end-user needs and improve maintainability or scalability.


Platform and architecture solutions can range from:


  • Re-hosting the system on a newer infrastructure
  • Migrating the current system to newer versions of the same platform (e.g. from ASP Classic to ASP.NET or VB6 to C# .NET)
  • Re-writing the current system, with user friendly enhancements
  • Porting the application to support your users (e.g. making your web application work on mobile)
  • Device driver or library updates
  • Third-party integrations

Software Reengineering

Extend the lifetime of your legacy systems saving dollars and time.

In our experience, once a software product is released, you begin the endless chase to keep up with changing requirements and user requests.


After multiple years of continuous improvements, the product reaches the stage where the future development is constrained by the original design. Adding new features takes longer than it should, performance suffers, and code maintainability dramatically worsens over time. You have two choices: either re-write the system from the ground-up based on new requirements or redesign the existing one. The second path is known as software reengineering.


Often clients partner with us for software reengineering to better meet the needs of their customers or to correct a problem overlooked in the original development. Synergy examines our client’s core processes and enhances the software to fix any major issues or missing workflows.


Compared to a re-write, software reengineering provides the following benefits:


  • Low cost of implementation
  • Quicker turnaround
  • Increase continuity for your users and support team
  • Lower operating and support costs


Software reengineering is the best decision when:


  • Performance and response needs improvement
  • Data schema needs to be changed/extended
  • The product has to be ported to a different platform


Let Synergy help you determine if software reengineering is the right path for you.

Project Rescue

If your current in-house or outsourced software or web development project is off track, chances are we can bring the necessary resources and expertise to get the job done.


Warning signs that you may need help:


  • Your project release is behind schedule or you’ve missed major milestones.
  • You’re concerned about code quality when the same bugs keep popping up over and over again.
  • You’re surprised and frustrated when there are additional expenses that you did not plan for.
  • It’s difficult to communicate with your development team or they just don’t seem to understand what you need.
  • You feel like your development team is lacking a veteran technical manager or architect.
  • The builds of your product have serious performance issues.
  • Your users are complaining that the application is not usable.


Troubled software projects are never pretty. Often there isn’t time for guessing, just acting.