Custom Web Application Development

The web is the most popular and far-reaching application platform today.


Your users can capture and organize valued information accessible anytime from anywhere. Custom web applications are built on a variety of standards and technologies, requiring flexibility and practicality.


Our web applications are more than just websites; they are cutting-edge user-friendly systems driven by data. They enable the right people to make the right decisions at any time from any place. Our work includes sophisticated business intelligence dashboards to online data visualization and analysis tools for engineers.

What we provide:


  • Functional and highly usable web applications that match your specific business needs, requirements, and expectations.
  • Smart and open application architecture allowing you to maximize productivity and achieve scalability.
  • A highly maintainable application translating into lower costs over the life of the solution.


Web application services:


  • Custom Web Application Development
  • Web Application Maintenance
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)

Mobile Application Development

Mobile and tablet development has become one of the most competitive and fastest growing markets in recent years.

Modern mobility combines convenience, visibility, and relevance. Mobile applications are a must-have for any enterprise or consumer toolkit.


We design and develop advanced mobile applications and solutions to help our clients capitalize on the opportunities of the mobile (r)evolution. Our mobile app development services can help you create intuitive full-featured mobile apps for enterprise and consumer.


Synergy’s mobile app development expertise includes multiple technologies, with the ability to deliver apps for every major platform. Our teams can create unique apps from scratch, port an existing app to other platforms, or support your app after it’s released into production.

Our current expertise includes the following platforms:

  • iOS – iPhone & iPad
  • Android OS
  • Windows Phone
  • Windows 8 (WinRT/WPF/HTML5)


Our team can help you develop apps across a number of domains:

  • Mobile Games
  • Business Applications
  • Data Collection, Exchange, and Analytics
  • Mobile apps connected to backend web services and databases
  • Equipment monitoring and control
  • Machine-to-Mobile (M2M)
  • Geolocation-based Apps
  • Field Enablement

Cloud Computing Development and Deployment

With several major players like Amazon, Microsoft, Google and IBM offering cloud based services, cloud computing is dominating IT discussions today.

Synergy can help you answer questions about cloud computing like:


  • Are you unsure what cloud computing is and how it could help your business?
  • Are you concerned about the security of your business data in the cloud?
  • Are you struggling with the conflict between keeping costs low but still providing world-class access to content and services to your customers?
  • Do you find yourself wishing it was easier and you could just pay as you go?


What’s so special about the Cloud?


Cloud platforms provide a new architectural dimension previously unavailable to developers – instant access to unlimited elastic resources.  Since there are no servers or software to buy or manage, development time can be focused on building apps not deploying technology.


Cloud solutions offer these key advantages:


  • Scalability, both up and down
  • Reliability with an externally managed infrastructure
  • Flexibility in predicting resource needs
  • Savings by eliminating the cost and infrastructure of hosting your own applications.


As your user base expands, scaling to increase server bandwidth is as simple as the push of a button. This level of scalability saves both time and money, as you save on licensing fees, hardware costs, and resources to maintain that hardware.


Synergy can will help you identify a cloud infrastructure that best matches your requirements and is right for your organization.

Custom Desktop Software

Some of your applications may not belong on the web.


While web applications are rapidly increasing in popularity and becoming more and more sophisticated, they are still unable to match the security, control, and reliability requirements of desktop applications.


  • Do you feel that your desktop software application is slightly outdated and not user-friendly?
  • Are you hesitant to move all your precious business data and processes to a remote server?
  • Are you looking for a custom built application that offers a rich user experience with total control?
  • Are you getting confused weighing the pros and cons of web application versus desktop application?


Smart Client and Rich Client Development
At Synergy, our teams capitalize on the best technologies available to develop rich, user-friendly and effective desktop applications that are easy to use, contemporary and versatile.


Smart Clients – Most of our desktop solutions are built as “smart clients.” This means they can function in both online and offline states in order to intelligently synchronize data to the cloud for a seamless, connected, and uninterrupted experience.


The applications we architect offer the power and performance characteristics of desktop applications while providing the innovative user interface of web applications. This results in a smart, connected desktop application that reliably stores data and interacts with both remote and local data sources.


Building desktop applications includes many benefits, such as:


  • Total control and protection from various browser vulnerabilities
  • Deliver a consistent user interface and experience independent of browser differences
  • Greater richness of user interface capabilities
  • Performance and the speed of standalone desktop applications do not rely on Internet connectivity or speed.

Embedded Software & Firmware Development

Embedded software development requires a different set of skills that few small companies can claim.
Synergy’s team is comprised of talented engineers to support your talented engineers. With a team depth in the critical areas of electrical engineering, algorithm design, cryptography and programming, we are able to help hardware companies deliver products powered by reliable and productive firmware and embedded software applications.
Our embedded software engineers have experience with the following devices:


  • Data Storage Devices
  • Controllers
  • Computer Peripherals
  • Mobile Handhelds
  • Consumer Electronics
  • IPTV and Home Entertainment
  • Single-purpose Machines
  • Home Automation Devices
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Sensors
  • Scientific Instrumentation
  • Point of Sale (POS) Devices
  • Smart Card Chips
  • Systems-level Approach


Focused on the future system as a whole, we pay attention to each and every detail of the solution. Embedded and firmware projects can vary greatly in scope, size, and complexity. Because of these varying factors, we’ll work with you to tailor our development approach to your existing process. This way we can achieve the perfect mix that will allow us to meet your needs and give you the desired level of support.


Our embedded experience includes:


  • Microcontroller programming
  • Digital signal processing
  • System-on-chip embedded software
  • Embedded Linux based solutions
  • Board Support Package development (Windows, Linux, Mobile platforms)
  • Middleware development
  • Real-time data acquisition
  • Real-time data processing
  • Data collection and storage
  • M2M Interfacing
  • Monitoring and control

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) is a way to build and architect systems.


Utilizing SOA helps to build application functionality in a way that provides better modularity, scalability, and maintainability over time. Of course, SOA itself is a paradigm that is not specific to any technology or platform. Service oriented architecture enables us to build systems in ways that are both less complex and more reusable at the same time.


With so many uncertainties surrounding which platform you should choose and support (especially when it comes to mobile), it’s important to architect a system that is nimble enough to support many different devices, operating systems and platforms. Service oriented architecture can help you achieve just that.
We have been using SOA for quite some time, both for our internal systems as well as for our customers. Service oriented architecture is not the right choice for every project, but when it is, it usually provides great advantages.


Our services include:


  • SOA Readiness Assessment
  • SOA Business Case Analysis
  • SOA Application Analysis

Big Data Analytics & Visualization

What is Big Data and why is it important?


Big Data is a term applied to data sets and technology stacks that exceed the processing capacity of traditional software tools. In most cases it means that data volumes, formats and sources don’t effectively capture, store, request and analyze the data in relational databases within a required elapsed time.

Where is all this data coming from? The exponentially increasing numbers of devices connected to the Internet can capture and report huge amounts of very detailed data – the analysis of which can reveal key insights into your business. Internet-connected mobile phones, cameras, temperature sensors, point of sale devices, traffic systems, appliances, and more are capable of generating a staggering amount of data in real-time. Staying ahead now means capturing, storing, and analyzing more big data than ever before, and this trend doesn’t look like it’s going to slow down any time soon.

Enterprises across the board struggle to handle problems arising from legacy systems. Big data technologies such as distributed computing allow organizations to develop powerful solutions on top of massive data sets.


See if your company can benefit from big data analytics and visualization.


Many vendors are rushing to offer solutions and technology, and companies are paying more attention to data than ever before.

The push to support big data creates confusion and uncertainty about what data is important, how to capture it, and how it can impact the business.

Synergy helps clients by enabling them to use the data they already possess. A majority of organizations create data during their everyday business processes that is often forgotten and left unused.